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Our Story

Originally from White Rock, BC, Kayle ran a successful construction company and I worked as a Real Estate Agent.  We worked diligently towards achieving our financial goals in preparation for starting a family. Then in 2014 we welcomed our daughter Scarlett and although we continued to work hard our priorities had shifted.  Running a business and managing a busy real estate career left little time for family and got us thinking about making a change but as we all know change is not easy and rarely comes quickly.

In 2016 we began renovations to our heritage home to update and make this our forever home. In March of that year, while Scarlett and I enjoyed a quiet home day, a fire broke out in our laundry room. This event left me shaken and in the weeks after the fire I no longer looked at my home the same way – it was time to make a big change.  For the next 8 months we lived in a travel trailer in the driveway of our home while a renovation company completed the repairs to our home; I can’t say I’m built for long term tenancy with a toddler in a trailer.  Once the renovations were done, we decided that although we still loved our home it was time to “list it”!!

We knew Kelowna was where we wanted to establish new roots.  Already having family in Kelowna made the move so much more exciting.  We knew immediately Joe Rich is where we would ultimately call home and after only 2 home viewings, we wrote the offer and the rest is history…. of sorts.

Once we moved in we stood in awe of our purchase, actually I think we may have stood and looked at all the work to be done and “gulped”.  In any event we dove in and transformed a 10-site dry camping RV Park into the fully serviced and landscaped park you see today.  It has been a whirlwind 2 years and much has been accomplished but we are not stopping here.  Our family is so grateful for the love and support of our community and we know journey is just beginning.  We hope you will join us for the ride!


MacDonald Family




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